One Can Never Win 

The Boston-based band Nothings The Rule produces elegant indie rock songs rich with deeply-textured musical and lyrical elements. The intricately-crafted melodic and harmonic elements of each song fuse to create a lingering, graceful whole greater than the sum of its parts, and their timeless sound is evocative of classic yet ever-inventive bands such as Built to Spill, Muse, U2 and Radiohead.

“[Nothings The Rule’s first single ‘One Can Never Win’] sounds like it should be in a movie, on the radio, in a TV show … everywhere. It’s got a really ‘classic’ feel to it. It’s one of my favorite songs of the year so far.”

         - Joseph ‘mightyJoE’ King (Engineer/Producer)

Through their resonant live shows and meticulous recordings, founding members Dre and Dave Eastman engage listeners by celebrating the universal power of a well-written pop tune while pushing past its conventional boundaries. Dre’s distinctive, rhythmic guitar playing and preference for stripped-down chords complements Dave’s driving and melodic bass work, which locks into a tight, down-to-earth drum foundation. The band’s premier 3-song EP was entirely recorded and produced in a fully-operational studio they built themselves. And the first single, “One Can Never Win” is an irresistibly upbeat and catchy track that pairs a highly-emotive lead vocal and echoing lead guitar against the band’s signature rock-solid rhythm section.

“Although [Nothings The Rule] consisted of just three members (Guitar, Bass, Drums) they created a huge sound that totally engulfed T.T. The Bears. Unlike the other bands who would go on to play that night, [Nothings The Rule] played driving rock that brought the relatively quiet concert hall alive.”

         - The Dropped Beat

Nothings The Rule treats each show, new album release and the creation of each piece of merchandise as a special event and an opportunity to connect personally with their fans and as a result, remain engaging, unconventional and delightfully improvisational. In the past, the band has collaborated with local artists to create and project images and movies on members as they perform and has provided special glasses that create visual distortions for the audience. The group has also designed one-of-a-kind products for specific shows, such as a limited-edition sampler CD with printed paper-bag covers featuring one of their songs and songs from other local bands.

Dre believes that each performance should be an exceptional and surprising experience: “Engaging the audience is everything, and we feel inspired by the great energy our fans throw our way. We want to continue to creatively branch out with how we present our live set, because we know each song gives us another opportunity to connect with our fans on a personal level. We’re always working hard to create a memorable and rewarding experience for people to take away with them.”

Nothings The Rule follows the principle that the boundaries of music are limitless. The band is part of a new breed of self-made, self-sustaining musicians with a strong commitment to developing the tools to produce their own media, control their own brand and ultimately decide on the arc of their career.

The lead single, “One Can Never Win,” from their upcoming EP is available on Facebook, Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Here goes nothings ...