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What happens if your band falls apart, fracturing in two different directions artistically? If you’re anything like the members of Nothings The Rule, you pick up the pieces and start again. Having cut their teeth performing alongside such acts as Dom, Modest Mouse, and Passion Pit, Aaron Pring (Drums) Dre Murillo(Vocals, Guitar) and Dave Eastman(Bass) had already developed a unique and strong musical chemistry. They were greater than the sum of their parts and had high expectations as to what their new band could become. So, with a fresh start, Nothings The Rule feverishly set forth to writing, playing and recording original songs.

Working for over a year and a half out of their self-built recording studio in a small town outside of Boston, Aaron, Dre, and Dave have methodically and meticulously honed their craft, both in the songs that they write and the performances they give. No stone remains unturned as they seek to collectively better themselves on stage and in the studio.

This fact is reflected in their exciting live shows, of which The Dropped Beat music blog says “[Nothings The Rule] played driving rock that brought the relatively quiet concert hall alive.” They treat each show differently, working hard to remain engaging and unconventional in their presentation. They have tapped local artists to create and project images and movies on them as they perform, they routinely hand out special glasses which create visual distortions for the audience and always have other surprises in store. Of this, Dre says “engaging the audience is everything; there are many untapped resources to help toward that end. Of course the music will always come first, but we’d like to continue to creatively branch out with how we present our live set. Our experience is that it produces a more memorable and rewarding experience for our fans to take away.”

In the first single release from their forthcoming LP, you can hear their perfectionist attention to detail, their drive to write the highest quality songs possible and their creative attitude in the studio. The song “One Can Never Win” is an irresistibly upbeat and catchy track that pairs a highly emotive lead vocal and jangly lead guitar against a rock solid rhythm section. In contrast, the song “I Claim” is hypnotically rhythmic, juxtaposing dreamy lead vocals in the verse against a huge rock chorus. Both songs showcase different sides of the band, yet bear the unique stamp of Nothings The Rule. “I’ve worked as an engineer and producer for almost 5 years,” says Dave Eastman, “and what I’ve taken away, especially with regard to a band like this, is that “studio production” means “emotional enhancement.” We set out to write songs that are concise, well structured and to the point. When you have only three instruments plus voice, there is no room for any musician to play“filler” and everyone has an important role, but with tremendous freedom and range to stretch out. With production, we then tastefully intensify and flesh out the mood.”

If there’s one idea that the band is trying to emphasize, its, to paraphrase their name, that there are no rules when it comes to this age of music. They’re part of a new breed of self-made, self-sustaining musicians who have or are developing the tools to produce their own media, control their own brand and ultimately decide on the arc of their career. As Aaron said, "we want to be in charge of our own artistic direction, and because of the tools out there, we can be. Its a great time to be a musician."

Dre - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Eastman - Vocals, Bass
Aaron Pring - Drums, percussion


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